• ZHANG Mingfang
    Professor Research Direction: National Economics Accounting,Economic Statistics Course Taught: National Economics Accounting, Input-output Analysis Technology, Statistical Forecasting and Decision-making, Statistics, Methods of Social Survey Research Telephone:65901031 Email:
  • XU Guoxiang
    Professor Research Direction: Macro-economic Analysis & Forecasting,Economic Statistics, Financial Statistics, Socio-economic Index Theory and Methods Course Taught: Research on Theory and Methods of Financial Statistics, Research on Market Risks and Assessment Methods, Research on Statistic Index Theory and Applications, MBA Management Statistics, Financial Statistics Research and Statistics. Telephone:65901078 Email:
  • GE Shouzhong
    Professor Research Direction: Macro-economic Calculation(National Economics Accounting, Government Finance Statistics, Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting) Course Taught: National Economics Accounting, Government Finance Statistics,Statistics Telephone:65903851
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