• CHANG Ning
    Associate Professor Research Direction: National Economics Accounting, Input-Output Model Course Taught: National Economics Accounting, Statistical Forecasting and Decision-making, Statistics Telephone:65901026
  • HU Jianhua
    Associate Professor Research Direction: Multivariate Analysis, Longitudinal Data,Spatial Panel Data, Risk Management Course Taught: Advanced Mathematical Statistics, Linear Model, Generalized Linear Model, Applied Time Series, Stochastic Process, Financial Econometrics Model, Modern Statistics Methods,Mathematical Statistics, Business Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics Telephone:65901056
  • HUANG Tao
    Associate Professor Research Direction: Non-Parametric and Semi-Parametric Model, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Clinical Trial Course Taught: Applied Regression Analysis, Advanced Mathematical Statistics Telephone: 65901206
  • LU Wanzhong
    Associate Professor Research Direction: Economic Statistics Course Taught: Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Analysis, Statistics Telephone:35304767
  • YOU Jinhong
    Associate Professor Research Direction: Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics and Econometrics Course Taught: Statistical Modeling, Time Series, Mathematical Statistics Telephone:65901090
  • LI Tao
    Associate Professor Research Direction: Statistical Inference, Ordered Statistics, Survival Analysis Course Taught: Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis Telephone:6590-1549
  • BAI Yang
    Associate Professor Research Direction: Longitudinal/Panel Data Analysis; Semiparametric Modeling; High-dimensional &Large-scaleData Analysis Course Taught: Survival Analysis, Exploratory Data Analysis, Non-Parametric Model, Business Statistics, Data Science and Business Analysis Telephone:021-65901060;
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